Recognised by UGC u/s 2(f) and Affiliated to Assam University
Haflong Government College
হাফলং চৰকাৰী মহাবিদ্যালয়
Haflong, Dima Hasao, Assam, Pin: 788119

About Haflong

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About Haflong

While Shillong Hills out of the state of Assam, a new hill emerges, at 680m high, Upper Haflong. The main language spoken over here is Dimashi. In Dimashi, Haflong means “White Ants Hillock”. Haflong is a land of pleasing blue orchards and pera, pineapple and oranges. The nature of Haflong is a great attraction in itself. Add to it to the picturesque beauty of Haflong Lake situated within the heart of this town. The scenic hill resort of Haflong, 84-KM north of Silchar, is the seat of the Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, where members of several ethnic groups including Dimasas, Hmars, Nagas and Mizos, belonging to different religious denominations-Christia, Hindu and Buddhist-live together in apparent harmony.
Location: 84-km North of Silchar, Assam
Significance: Seat of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council
Main Attraction: Jatinga

Nearby Cities

Basista: 11-km, Hajo: 32-km, Madan Kamdev: 40-km, Darrang: 100-km, Shillong: 100-km, Nogaon: 120-km, Orang: 140-km, Tezpur: 181km. Haflong is spread along main road, which winds up from Silchar. The market of the main road in the centre of town is at its most bustling and colourful on Saturday, when it expands into an enclosure further down Main Road, and overflows with fresh betel nut, banana, flowers and Dju Vie (Rice Beer) for space. Forth best views, head out towards the ASTC bus stand.


9-km south of Haflong on the Silchar road and covered with Blue Vandas Orchids, Jatinga is famed in local folklore as the place where birds commit mass suicide. The more brutal truth is that on certain foggy, moonless nights in autumn, local migrant birds can become disorientated while flying up the valley over the saddle of the hill and are attracted with lights by local people, who clobber them to death with bamboo poles and eat them. There is a bird watching centre in Jatings, where one may be able to stay if one can get permission from the district forestry office in Haflong. Buses to Silchar pass through, but it may be easier to make a day-trip from Haflong by autoricksaw.


47-km away from Haflong, on the banks of river Mahur, lie the ruins of the once flourishing capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. A stone house and temple of Kachari Kings can be seen at Maibong.

Umrangshu or Umrongso

112-km away from Haflong by road, the biggest Hyde plant under North East Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) has come up with dams across the river Kopili, a tributary of the Brahmaputra. Near Umrangshu, there is a hot water spring Garam Pani, which is believed to possess medical properties. Boating on the lake, hot water spring- Garam pani and the exquisite scenery from the top of the hill are enough to captivate to tourist’s attention.