Recognised by UGC u/s 2(f) and Affiliated to Assam University
Haflong Government College
হাফলং চৰকাৰী মহাবিদ্যালয়
Haflong, Dima Hasao, Assam, Pin: 788119

Guest House & Quarter

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Staff Quarter

The College has only one unit of quarter for Office staff and one unit of quarter for IV grade staff. Professor's Quarters.
Haflong Govt. College has 3 multistoried buildings (blocks) for accommodation of the professors. Each block consists of 6 units i.e., the college has all together 18 number of professors quarters. These multi-storied building were constructed during the 90th decade. The occupants of the Professors quarters are the teaching staffs belong to different districts of Assam.

Block A

Sl.No Name & Designation Unit No. Department
1 Shri Dilbudh Urang , Associate Professor A/1 Commerce
2 Dr. (Mrs.) Punyamoni Baruah, Associate Professor A/2 Philosophy
3 Shri Shekar Chakraborty, Associate Professor A/3 Commerce
4 Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Principal A/4 Principal
5 Shri M. Manoj Kr. Singh , Assistant Professor A/5 Commerce
6 Dr. Amalendu Chodhury , Associate Professor A/6 Commerce

Block B

Sl.No Name & Designation Unit No. Department
1 Mrs. Kalpana Hazarika , Assistant Professor, (S.G.) B/1 Botany
2 Dr. Paran Barthakur, Assistant Professor B/2 Philosophy
3 Dr. Taranandi Majumdar, Associate Professor B/3 Zoology
4 Shri Shyamanada Choudhury, Associate Professor B/4 Bengali
5 Dr. Chinmoy Phookan, Assistant Professor B/5 Physics
6 Dr. (Mrs) Sudipta Mahanta B/6 Bengali

Block C

Sl.No Name & Designation Unit No. Department
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjusree Goswami, Associate Professor C/1 Assamese
2 Dr. Golap Saikia, Associate Professor C/2 History
3 Dr. Durlabh Baruah, Associate Professor C/3 Commerce
4 Dr. Jamshed Ali, Associate Professor C/4 Botany
5 Dr. Gwjwn Bodosa , Associate Professor C/5 Mathematics
6 Shri Madan Ch. Bakali, Associate Professor C/6 Commerce