Recognised by UGC u/s 2(f) and Affiliated to Assam University
Haflong Government College
হাফলং চৰকাৰী মহাবিদ্যালয়
Haflong, Dima Hasao, Assam, Pin: 788119

Promotion Rule

Admission / Promotion Rule

H.S Final Year
  • Promotion to final year depends on the successful completion of the first year examination conducted by the college as per Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) guidelines.
  • A student can take admission into Final Year and is qualified for appearing in the Final Examination at the end of the Final Year classes, if his/her attendance in classes & performance in the college examinations are as per AHSEC norms.
  • First Year result is declared on the basis of grading system. The grade is determined as follows:
    Grade-A: 60% marks and above,
    Grade-B: 45% marks and below 60%,
    Grade-C: Below 45%
    Grade-D passed with grace marks.
  • The result of H.S. Final Examination is determined on the basis of marks obtained in the Final examination only. No credit of First year examination is counted toward the result of the Final examination.
  • A student who does not appear in a subject at the H.S.1st year Examination is not allowed to appear in the same subject at the H.S. Final Examination.
TDC Semester System (Three Year Degree Course)
  • A candidate who has been admitted in first semester class may be allowed to proceed to the next semester (up to sixth semester) irrespective of number of papers in which the candidate failed.
  • A candidate will get a maximum of three chances for clearing the back papers within six years, i.e. 12 semesters from the date of admission to the degree course.
  • A candidate will be considered eligible to sit for the sixth semester examination with not more than six back papers of earlier semester classes excluding fifth semester.
  • Failing in any semester examination, a student will be allowed to appear the same in the following manner:
    (a) Odd semester papers with the odd semester examination.
    (b) Even semester papers with the even semester examination.
Other Guidelines
  • There will be no provision for Repeat or Betterment i.e. scopes for appearing n any paper again for obtaining better marks.
  • A candidate has to clear all the papers within 12 semesters (six years) from the year of first admission in the programme.
  • There will be no provision of examination for certain subject in the new pattern.
  • Non collegiate private candidate, as per ordinance, may appear in the T.D.C. examinations choosing only non-practical Subjects in the new system like that of regular pass course students.
  • Dropping of Honours: Dropping of Honours shall be allowed in any semesters of the course but within one month from the date of regular admission in the semester. A candidate who is allowed to drop the Honours must clear the respective pass paper of the corresponding Honours subject as back papers(s). Change of Honours subject/Group shall not be allowed after 1st semester examination
  • The system of credit of internal assessment of marks in the final marks sheet shall be introduced after its formal approval by the university authorities
  • The system of choice based credit system and gradation system be introduced after its formal approval by the university authorities.